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Date:  03/04/2003 Location: Kama Sutra Restaurant, Glasgow
Chairman: Mr  Scott Black
Speaker: Mr  Ronald Miller  Mr  Keith  Anderson          

Here are some of the comments from members who attended this event:

"As a small business (with aspirations to be larger) working with a team who basically sing from the same hymn sheet, it is helpful to see the potential pitfalls attached to growing that team and the resultant delegation and control issues.  Frankly it was good to see that no-one has a magic wand and a variety of methods exist, so this gave me a range of options to try.  It was also pleasant to socialise/network with so many successful people"

" Creating a structure is key to letting your team know how far to go and when to ask for assistance. Also nice to see that you are not the only one feeling the frustration that you do"

"Very relevant topic to our business and the nature of services we provide"

"This event made me realise that I have been doing some of the things that others talked about as being good practice but I also learned abouth things that I have not been doing"

"This event highlighted that successful teams do not just happen by accident.  Some things have to have structures"

"This event was inspiring a good example of how successful companies have shared many of the problelms I am encountering but more importantly how to deal with those problems"

"This was my first event and was very impressed and inspired"

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