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Date:  16/04/2003 Location: The Devonshire Hotel Glasgow
Chairman: Mr  Iain MacRitchie
Speaker: Mr  George Morris  Mr  Eric  Flannigan          

Here are some of the comments from members who attended this event:

"These speakers prepared, delivered information and backed it up with real case examples and insights into their own  businesses.  There was not one person that did not take notes and ask for clarification on points because of their relevance, an excellent session"

"Good interesting information from speakers with explanation and then discussion"

"George Morris and Eric Flannigan not only had great experience but also prepared well for their talks"

"Realising that change is good and that it is not only our business which is under constant change"

"Great practical tips, networking and relationship building"

"I learned that communication, encouragement and staff change ownership are essential ingredients to successfully managing change"

"Took from this event, management experience leadership tips, mistakes to watch out for, pointers for growth and development"

"Excellent speakers who explained well with examples and real situations from their business experiences"

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