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Date:  18/03/2003 Location: Hilton Strathclyde, Bellshill
Chairman: Mr  Nelson Gray
Speaker: Mr  Robin Marshall  Mr  Bill  McCall          

Here are some of the comments from delegates who attended this event:

"Both speakers were excellent, very down to earth and approachable.  Very refreshing - especially for someone from a major player such as 3i"

"The key tip I took away with me was about the management of the VC in the whole process and the need to negoitiate robustly"

"I learnt to focus as much on softer/relationship issues as on financial matters and to be as upfront and as honest as possible"

"More of these events please they are excellent"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the openess of the event, I do not know of another organisation like the Exchange where this would happen"

"There is the need for open, honest communication and importance of trust in personal/working relationship with VC and advisors and clarity on fundamentals - MPME"

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