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Date:  27/03/2003 Location: Hilton Strathclyde Hotel, Bellshill
Chairman: Mr  Frank Blin
Speaker: Mr  Will Whitehorn  Mr  David  Leslie          

Here are some of the comments from members who attended this event:

"The presentation was exceptional.  This is what entrepreneurship is all about"

"Will Whitehorn was one of the finest speakers the Exchange has ever had"

"A truly inspirational event, Will was superb"

"Extrememly interesting insight into Virgin, lots of tips on how to do it and why"

"It was fascinating to listen about the power of a brand and not necessarily the product"

"This was an excellent event with fabulous networking"

"This event clearly showed the importance of utilising partnerships to turn a national brand into a global one"

"I have pages and pages of notes, it was an excellent event"

"Great subject matter, interesting, provocative"

"This event was simply absolutely first class"

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