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Date:  24/09/2003 Location: Glasgow
Chairman: Mr  John Morgan
Speaker: Mr  Rob Walker  Mr  David  McDougall          

Here are some comments from delegates who attended the event:

"Rob Walker was a fantastic speaker - even with such a story to tell not every speaker could have made it quite so engaging"

"Get good advisors and if someone offers you their word or their bond - take the bond!!"

"Expect the unexpected and trust no-one!"

"Interesting stories and good valuable lessons to be learned"

"Rob Walker was fantastic"

"Key tips I took away with me were to always research your options and get a trustworthy solicitor and accountant"

"Key tip I took away with me was to always do your own due dilligence"

"I got lots of pointers from Rob Walker"

"It was good to put my tough times in perspective!"

"Key tip I took away with me was to always try and speak to someone not involved in your business to get an independent view on any major issues in your business"

"The tip I picked up was to be wary of the terms of the exit deal and watch your back!"

"It was refreshing to get a view of the tough side of business.  In understanding the risks of entrepreneurship you are better placed to deal with them.  Also, it is good to hear from people in smaller businesses (say, up to 5m turnover) rather than from the ones who have sold it for 50m"

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