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Date:  22/09/2003 Location: Glasgow
Chairman: Mr  Tom Hunter
Speaker: Mr  David Moulsdale  Mr  Robert  Graham          

Here are some comments from delegates who attended this event:

"Tom Hunter's achievements should have him on a pedestal, he doesn't talk from one, he is very straightforward, a good listener and genuinely interested in hearing from all present.  He controlled the chair very well"

"Robert Graham illustrated a number of experiences and his perspective on acquisitions was very valuable"

"David Moulsdale comes across very well, demonstrating and sharing a wealth of first hand experiences of acquisitions, he makes himself very easy for participants to interact in dialogue with and oozes confidence.  His wide ranging knowledge and passion of business across the board was very evident"

"I met and heard some interesting people, picked up a number of pointers on the do's and don'ts of growing the business by acquisition, which will help me in my decision making thought process.  Another key part was learning how they all made mistakes and are not afraid (even in their respective levels) of making more in the future. I personally was encouraged by this, its very positive!"

"The key tip I picked up was to walk round the block to clear the head before signing on the dotted line, walking away if it's not for you i.e. don't be pressured or caught up in the hype.  Be sure to have the right professional advisors and negotiate their fee.  Maintain your integrity throughout"

"The key tip I took with me was to work with what you know and use your gut instinct.  Do not look up to the professional advisors and be aware that their focus is fees"

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