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Date:  03/02/2004 Location: Howard Hotel, Edinburgh
Chairman: Mr  Tom Hunter
Speaker: Mr  James Barnes  Mr  Robert  Wiseman          

Here are some comments from delegates who attended this event:

"Aside from the good pointers on brand devleopment, I found the evening highly motivational"

"It was great to step outside the day to day business and meet with like minded people, both young businesses and highly successful business people.  In a small group like that Tom Hunter and Robert Wiseman are inspirational without being dominant.  For them and James Barnes to give up their time as they did is amazing.  Tom is a really good Chairman, and made sure everyone had an input to the discussion"

"I have been an Exchange member for a while now but this is the first small group event I have attended.  This event seemed to sum up what the Exchange can offer members... the sharing of knowledge, the motivation from the experience and tremendous networking"

"Key tip I took with me was how branding and client development can/will benefit the growth of companies"

"This was a very enjoyable and worthwhile event"

"This dinner confirmed the benefits to be gained by having a strong brand and the ways that it assists in communicating postitive values to both customers and employees"

"Tom Hunter ensured that the time available was used effectively and that everybody was included in the discussion and had their opportunity to contribute"

"James Barnes presented his experience and the rationale behind his brand in an easily understood and interesting manner"

"Robert Wiseman provided inspirational and practical advice on what worked for him and this assisted me greatly in defining my brand action plan"

"This evening gave useful information and was a motivational evening"

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