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Challenges Of Growth

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Developing a business without being overwhelmed by inevitable growing pains takes good planning, a clear vision and strong management.  Growth brings its rewards but can also challenge an entrepreneur's personal and management skills to the limit!


Here are some comments/key tips taken from delegates who attended this event:

"The night further endorsed my decisions to have strong experienced advisors on board who have helped guide my company, through their advice, over the years"

"It was good to have a discussion with someone who has had challenges in business"

"Peter involved everyone in the discussions and controlled and guided the debates well to keep things on track"

"Tricia's participation was fantastic"

"Sometimes you miss what is missing in your business because you are not standing  back and looking at the whole picture as you are too busy keeping all the balls in the air"

 "Tricia was a very able speaker with complete honesty"

"Great to learn about the experience of other individuals at the meeting"

"Tricia was a good speaker who was exceptionally open and honest and gave a good insight into growing a business"

"The main tip I learned is to surround yourself with good people to help me grow the business"

"Peter was a good chair person who controlled the meeting well and helped the discussion flow"

"I took away lots of info on the challenges of growth: systems, staff and customers"

Venue information

Mediterraneo 73 Broughton Street

0131 557 6900


Mr Peter Grant, Grant Management


  • Ms Tricia Fox, Bacon, Eggs and Entrepreneurs

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