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Business Angels invest across most industry sectors and stages of business development, but especially in early and expansion stage businesses.  For an entrepreneur, the knowledge, experience and contacts of a business angel can be as valuable as the funding they provide.  But it is important to ensure that a business angel willing to invest is right for your company.


Here are some comments/key tips taken from members who attended this event:

"Superb value with Mike Rutterford being as open and honest as always.  A true and honest practitioner willing to share his experience"

"Excellent insight into the wants and needs of investors in business"

"I made great contacts and learned a lot from the speaker and chairman"

"I really enjoyed listening to experienced entrepreneurs discuss openly their take on angel investment whether it was good/bad"

"I found the networking invaluable and I feel "recharged" and more enthusiastic than ever about building my new buisness with the help of the Entrepreneurial Exchange and its members"

"Great to hear from Mike just how deals are done and of course from others"

"Mike had a great relaxed style.  He made everyone welcome and made me think that anyone of us could have done what he did.  Very unassuming"

"Mike shared fascinating experiences and he gave a very balanced view of the positive investments and those that had spectacularly crashed.  He stressed highly the need for investment to be spread accross many companies"

"Very good advice and insight from seasoned professionals who have been through the process a dozens of times"

"Alan did a great job in keeping everyone involved and in summing up at the end" 

"As an investor it is critical to spread the risk over maybe 10 or 12 investments as only 1 or 2 are likely to be successful.  Be prepared for second and third rounds of investment if you do not wish your investment to be diluted.  Invest only with people you are comfortable with and can work with over the long term"

"Mike was pretty inspirational and he gave me a few names to contact re making enquiries about angel investment"

"Mike just says it like it is and I thought the contribution he made was just fantastic - a real inspiration to us all"

"Allan did an excellent job and made sure everyone was able to contribute to a very informative evening"

"Great input from everyone, a very interactive evening"

"The value was broadening my network of contacts with the Exchange; finding out more about the different perspectives in Angel Investing - the investor and investee"

"Sales and marketing is King. Be cautious about giving any equity away.  Certain Angel groups focus on certain fields"


Venue information

Mediterraneo 73 Broughton Street

0131 557 6900


Mr Alan McCafferty, Balmore Holdings


  • Mr Mike Rutterford, Rutterford Ltd

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