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The marketing function is often an afterthought, however, knowing your customers and promoting your product are key to attracting and retaining business.


Here are some key tips/comments taken from delegates who attended this event:

"Simon had great experiences to offer and story to tell, positively put across and delivered with a quiet yet unshakeable belief in the brand"

"Natasha was cheerful, inclusive and very positive"

"Building the brand is all about integrity and consistency!"

"It was great to hear from Simon and how he had successfully spotted a gap in the market and exploited that with some great marketing.  I enjoyed discussing other companies' approaches to marketing too"

"Natasha was very good, she ensured every person at the table was involved with the discussion"

"I gained a valuable overview on the diversity of approaches to marketing in service and product based companies.  Discussed areas that were particularly 'hot topics' for my business"

"There was an honest and open discussion from Simon"

"Natasha confidently and professionally chaired the event" 

"key tip - use PR - the press, you need to put resource behind marketing, understand and use your points of difference, continual rebranding is needed as you move into different markets"

"Effective marketing isn't exclusive to big budgets - most of us seem to have punched above our weight with a bit of effort and original thought"

"Natasha added some very good points as a participant"

"Marketing doesn't have to cost the world, just think carefully about your target market and develop a campaign that will interest and excite them" 

"Key tips - loads!"

"More of these please"

"Good to listen to other people's experiences"

"Maintain a uniqueness"

"Value obtained  re-emphasised the value of differentiation"

"It made me realise that we need to remind ourselves what we want to be known for and relook at strategy to ensure everyone internal and external know us for it!"

"Ensure the message is always delivered as to why we are unique - ensure you deliver on your brand promise and all staff are behind delivering it"

Venue information

Kama Sutra 331 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3HW

0141 332 0055


Ms Natasha Marshall, Fabrics and Wallcoverings


  • Mr Simon Coyle, Kshocolat

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