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Private investors make up the single largest source of early stage capital in the UK.  However, the right business angel can bring more than funding to a business as many will have a wealth of experience, insight and contacts.

Please see feedback below from Members who attended this event:

Venue information

Scottish Malt Whisky Society, Edinburgh 28 Queen Street

0131 220 2044


Nelson Gray, Firth Ventures, www.nelsongray.com


  • Scott Johnstone, Antoxis, www.antoxis.com

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"I was looking to increase my knowledge of how the Business Angel community worked and how that was achieved"

"Good to hear the Angel community was open for business"

"It was interesting to hear of the activity in the market and the expectation levels of Angels"

"Lots of nuggets and information gathered from the discussions"

"A valuable insight into the world of Angels from Angels and people who have received money"

"No specific key tips...just lots of good common sense advice"

"Key tip for me was the importance for the entrepreneur of delivering succinct pitches/business plans, which focus immediately on the key issues. You only have a short time to grab someone's attention"

"You do not have to be in technology to raise money from an Angel"

"Key tip - the Angels will judge each business on its own merits and a good presentation is essential"

"Key tips? - too many to mention, however I do now have a greater understanding of the Angel investor"

"Make sure if Angel investment is the route you take you take care to find the correct Angel and not be blinded by the money"

"Nelson was very knowledgeable and led the conversation very well"

"Nelson had a wide experience of Angel investing and was a friendly and effective chair"

"Excellent information from Nelson, free flowing relevant conversations and an honest approach"

"Nelson - hank you for your pearls of wisdom"

"Scott was similar to Nelson - experienced and friendly - exactly the right person to give a hands on insight"

"Excellent feedback from Scott, someone who has many years experience of receiving investment"

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