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Delegation - A Vital Skill

Supper Club

Delegation is a skill we all know about but few are good at.  Delegation and team building underpin the best managment styles which encourage employees to achieve their full potential and enables you to get the best out of them.

In this Supper Club Hilary Roberts shared what she has done to enable her company HR Consultancy, which she founded in 1994, to develop significantly to the point where it currently employs around 320 staff in two cities with plans to expand to Manchester and Bristol over the next few years.

The event was chaired by John Anderson.

Venue information

Kama Sutra 331 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3HW

0141 332 0055


John Anderson, The Entrepreneurial Exchange, www.entrepreneurial-exchange.co.uk


  • Hilary Roberts, HR Consultancy, www.hrconsultancy.co.uk

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"The presentation by Hilary was a good example of delegation gone wrong along with a guide to fixing it".

"Very useful open discussion regarding experiences and how to tackle delegation problems, expecially from my perspective in a rapidly growing company".

"Great to hear the sharing of expriences. Yet again invaluable".

"Key tip - delegate to those better at the task than yourself. Make clear briefs about what needs to be done. Monitor progress".

"Key tip for me was to place the 'right' people in the jobs that I need to let go of so that I can delegate these tasks properly".

"Make sure when you are delegating you give a proper brief".

"John was tops as always".

"John chaired the session very well; allowed an enjoyable evening that provided excellent advice as well as a bit of a laugh".

"This was probably the best example of how to chair an event. John did particualrly well".

"Hilary had good content, was engaging and informative".

"I really appreciated Hilary's frank account of her experiences in delegating".

"Great honesty from Hilary and she did a marvelous job of telling her story".

"Keep up the good work".

"An event that was great to go to and great to meet people in such a great environment".

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