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The Entrepreneurial Exchange

Hiring A Non-Executive Director

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Having the right non-executive director can add real value and insight to your business and strengthen your top team.  They can bring funding, experience and a wealth of contacts and ideas.

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Browns 131-133 George Street

0131 225 4442


John Anderson, The Entrepreneurial Exchange


  • Peter Shakeshaft, Linc Scotland

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"The value came from both the meeting content and some good conversations and connections after the formal section was over".

"Very good structure to the presentation plus very frank and honest discussion from participants".

"I have a far clearer understanding of where a non exec(s) fits in to an organisation, what you should expect and what the renumeration should be etc. Very useful insight".

"Great to hear views from both NEDs and the people who use them".

"I wanted to assess if and when we should consider non-Execs and how to gauge timing, switch point or need. Or, if advisors were our best route at present. I got this clarity at the meeting and have a very clear view to take back to the business on this. Thanks Peter".

"Value was obtained through understanding the fundamentals which apply to Non exec hiring".

"I have a better understanding of mentor versus Non-exc and when to apply each. Also just a much better understanding of the role of the Non exec".

"Key tip for me is I need a mentor and an advisor first, then in 12 months review my decsion to look at non- execs".

"Hire more than one when you can".

"Key tips taken away - A company of our size, with 4 Directors, probably needs motivated advisors at this stage. It is good to have a Chairman who is not a shareholder. Dirctors must represent the interests of all Shareholders. Bring on 2 or 3 rather than just 1 non-Exec,when you do appoint one. Lots more, great stuff which gives a comfort in our thinking. Evidence of how some folks have been successful and added value to their companies by bringing on the *right* non-Execs".

"Tips - hire for specific purpose - allow a year for bedding in - hire for 3 yrs + - hire a balanced non exec and possibly a team 2-3 once comfortable - bring them on initially as a mentor/advisor".

"John doesn't need praise!..... But he was great anyway. He set the scene, made sure all felt included and summarised the evening very well".

"John had good organisation and helped with real stories".

"John brought everything together nicely".

"John added value through his own personal experience".

"John brought good examples to the table - and kept the dialogue open and inclusive".

"Good chair, who kept things ontime and flowing".

"Peter was great. He had taken the time to think what our potential questions would be and prepared his talk with that in mind. So I felt it was very well thought out and he gave a comprehensive presentation that was easy to understand".

"Peter was very passionate and honest - great answers very strong on how he sees the role of non-execs".

"Peter was very clear, to the point, with advice and knowledge you automatically feel you can trust".

"Peter was open, honest and frank. He had a wealth of experience. I found the whole evening and Peter interesting and possibly someone that I would like to chat further with".

"Peter was great".

"Peter had a wealth of credible knwoledge on this subject. I could have talked all night with Peter on this".

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