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Raising Finance

Supper Club

Gaining the requisite funding is the key to success for any business; growing or established.  This session considered the secrets behind raising finance for your enterprise.

Please see feedback below from Members who atended this event:

Venue information

Kama Sutra 331 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3HW

0141 332 0055


Richard Nicol, Commsworld Holdings, www.commsworld.com


  • David Sibbald, Sumerian Europe, www.sumerian.com

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"The value at these events are the opportunity to meet with, and talk to, like-minded individuals which is always a valuable experience"

"Interesting insights into differing views on how businesses could be funded over the longer term"

"I received sound advice from people who have already been in my position. Good points of view were put across and I enjoyed the experience"

"It is great to be able to network with other members"

"The key tip I took away was that there will be a much higher demand (and therefore competition) for equity funding, due to the banks situation"

"Key tips for me were look closely at equity finance as opposed to banking finance and the huge benefits from having a good relationship with long term investors"

"The partners as shareholders and shareholders as partners approach makes a lot of sense, especially now and in the future"

"Key tip for me - look for equity based funding, and do not use the Bank!"

"Ricky was a really nice guy and certainly a good host (gave two of us a lift home to Edinburgh)"

"I thought David gave an interesting talk on his experiences working with investors in his business"

"David was an excellent speaker, very candid and helpful with many pieces of practical advice based on his experiences"

"David is a very personable and open individual. The format of course was very informal and he addressed his own experience and views which were very worthwhile learning about and contained a very clear proposition by arguing that finance should be raised from shareholders who are also long term investors and capable of making a significant specialist contribution to the board and the company's decision-making"

"David made good points on his experiences and tried to adapt this to other industries relating to other attendees"

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