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Building The Team

Supper Club

Having the right team around you can make all the difference to your business.  Finding the right formula is imperative. 

Please see feedback below from Members who attended this event:

Venue information

Scottish Malt Whisky Society, Edinburgh 28 Queen Street

0131 220 2044


Mr Brian Williamson, Tiger eye, www.tiger-eye.org


  • Mr Alan Bonner, Pinnacle Telecom, www.pinnacle-tele.com

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"There was a really good spread of comments from everybody around the table. I came away with many ideas from Alan, Brian and the other participants"

"It was my first event so it was enjoyable meeting everyone and discussing business with like minded people and listening to how they have overcome their challenges"

"The value for me was hearing the different ways of making sure you pick the right people for the job"

"Outstanding speaker, interesting contributions from rest of the table. Lots of 'gems' to take away"

"Interesting to get to know more people and develope more contacts and hear what other businesses are doing"

"Key tips for me - You can get management talent by acquiring companies. Use Linked-In to find people - 8 is not a good size to be stuck at, although it is better than 16"

"I've taken away a number of different points to action. Most of which I have thought wouldn't be suitable to my business and industry but have looked at them in a different way and am now writing them into future plans"

"Keytip for me is to be clear about your expectations of a new employee from the very start and too follow your instincts about an appointment"

"Brian did well, bringing in others, to tap them for their experiences"

"Brian was excellent in ensuring that everybody got a chance to contribute"

"Brian kept the conversation moving and going well. He included everyone round the table in the discussion"

"rian has a great wealth of knowledge and uses it to encourage others to put forward their ideas"

"Alan was very candid about his past experiences. Alan's experience of going public, acquiring companies or managing sales forces would be very interesting topics at some stage in the future"

"It was good listening to Alan's story which I found very thought provoking"

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