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Business Angels

14 December 2010
£47.00 (VAT inclusive)
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Business angels can provide essential funding for your business along with vital knowledge, experience and contacts.  However, a potential investor must be right for your company.

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Kama Sutra, Glasgow 331 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3HW

0141 332 0055

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Nelson Gray, Firth Ventures, www.nelsongray.com


  • Alec Mackie, Barwell
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Interesting to hear what business angels look for and whats available in Scotland

Interesting to see the situation from the Angel's perspective

The event provided an extremely valuable insight into the current trends in Angel investing and the key issues for the investors themselves

It was very valuable to hear the views of the impact of business Angels in Scotland and the key things business angels look for from two highly qualified and knowledgeable speakers

It was good to hear what happens to plans and what Business Angels are looking for

Grasped some useful practical knowledge of engaging with, and preparing for Angel discussions

I now know what to look for in an angel. Also what I need to do when looking for investors

Key tips for me - Select the right Angel - Executive summary must have key information otherwise B. Plan will not be read - Don't overvalue the business - Show leadership and a firm idea of an exit strategy

Highlighted a number of key issues to build into business plans when looking for Angel investment

My key tips - (1) One of the key things business Angels are looking for from day one is how they will achieve an exit, (2) other key pointers for raising money from business angels and (3) views on the direction of business angels in Scotland

Always have a great exec summary

I am now away to plan our approach for this stage of the business growth, prior to commencing discussions with one or two key players

Thought Nelson was very good, had a lot of good information

Nelson was an excellent Chairperson, stimulating debate and providing useful insight from his own perspective

Nelson was very knowledgeable, ensured the smooth running of the event, ensured the atmosphere was organised but relaxed

Nelson was as charming as ever - always facilitates well

Was good to hear Alec's perspective on investing and also good to hear that different investors look for different things

Excellent talk from Alec, covering a wide topic area in the limited time available. He provided a great insight into what Angels are looking for and tailored it to suit today's market conditions

Alec's significant experience in Angel investing made him an excellent choice of speaker for this event

Alec was very knowledgeable, he shared a variety of insightful tips with everyone and was very personable

Alec was open and honest and had taken the time to understand who was coming and a bit about their business. He displayed a lot of knowledge and managed to always include people round the table.

A highly interesting, thoughful and considered take on Angel investing from the other side of the fence - realistic and practical

This event was time well spent - many thanks

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