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Non-Executives - 16 June

Supper Club

A non-executive director can bring an added level of experience, contacts, ideas or even funding to a business. The right non-executive will provide real added value to your team but the reverse can be true. How do you find the right one and ensure they deliver?

Venue information

Scottish Malt Whisky Society, Edinburgh 28 Queen Street

0131 220 2044


Mr Gordon Adam, Head Resourcing, www.headresourcing.com


  • Mr Alan McCafferty, Balmore Business

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"The value of these events is listening to differing views"

"Interesting to hear what exactly non execs do. I do ave a much clearer idea now"

"Personally relevant and extremely useful new contacts. Increase in knowledge of the mechanics of how a non-exec operates. Some excellent advice on how I must make changes to my personal modus operandi with regard to the businesses I advise"

"Key tip for me was the idea of mentoring as a first step towards non-execs"

"Key tips - how to get paid for non-exec work and stay strategic and avoid being sucked into operational duties"

"Alan was candid in his presentation and stuck well to the brief. Everything he said was relevant to the subject and he therefore kept everybody engaged"

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