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10 May 2012
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Doubling, tripling and achieving even higher levels of valuable business, becoming a national player, putting competitors in the shade, having staff recognised by customers as irreplaceable are the sorts of outcomes that have happened for the companies Eric Flannigan has helped to compete on service. 

This event gave you the insights into how these companies have made their service outstanding and valued by their customers and marketplaces. From engineering to hotels, from law to IT, from FM to logistics these companies have all applied similar principles to engage with customers, engage with staff and prove that good to great service doesn’t happen by accident. 

Through these stories and insights Members received nuggets about getting more of your people delivering outstanding service, how to create value by service and how to transfer these into growth and profit.      

Flannigan Consulting is dedicated to supporting directors of privately owned companies who strive to create businesses of growth, distinctiveness and strength. Eric Flannigan is well known in the exchange for doing just that and his new venture, Dramatically Different Service launched in autumn 2011 helps companies with all the facets from strategy to behavioral  training for those who want to win by competing on service.

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Kama Sutra 331 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3HW

0141 332 0055

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Ian Kerr, ID Inquries, www.idinquiries.com


  • Eric Flannigan, Flannigan Consulting, www.flanniganconsulting.com
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Challenge complacencies. How do we improve on what we are doing to make your job easier?

Great talk by Eric and did make me think about how we "up our game"

Really lively and interactive conversation, many diverse ideas. Great energy

An extremely open, ego-free exchange of experiences and ideas on how you can get your whole organisation to deliver very good service. I have a list of ideas I'm chomping at the bit to implement, but I know I need to get my teams to come up with the ideas so they have full ownership. Some really inspiring ideas, some new faces, radical openness, no fear of talking, great facilitation

Listening to Eric and hearing other peoples experiences was the vaule of this event

Good speaker and good interaction

The value of this event was a more in-depth understanding of the CS process

Great to connect with people, share some experiences, and have a good curry!

Value for me was what it means to compete on service and how to best drive your people to great service. it was great to hear all the examples of everyone around the table on their views of competing on service and were it has worked for them and were problems arise and how to counter react to the problems that may arise.

Anything that encourages you to refocus on how you deliver customer service is always worth attending and this event was well delivered and produced a great deal of constructive debate

Key tip for me was focus on the one culture of customer service

My key tips - goal setting on service, modelling excellent service behaviours. New ideas for induction and revisiting induction process. Great metaphors for explaining and discussing outcomes with colleagues

I got so many tips - I think the top ones are that great customer service does not happen consistently by accident, that training is not enough, that you need buy-in from everyone (or they go)

Key tips I took away - how do we make ourself different through service - all leaders must be on the bus - one BIG PURPOSE to be outstanding in the eyes of the customer - this is about Heart & Soul - this is not a fad, it's our culture, our way - service doesn't happen by accident its measured and managed - remember to pass the Happy Baton (Thanks Les)

Raised the importance of finding out from customers how they rate our service

There were a lot of great tips taken from the night. Get as many testimonials as you can much higher rated than simply a ratio of how many people like/do not like your service. Audit reviews and surveys and give the audit to your customer as well as displaying it on your site. Do not ask questions that you can not work Data on. The Induction of employees - it is vital to get across how your company separates itself from the competition in service and what your company considers great service to be. Where possible get new recruits to buddy up with co- worker for 1-2 weeks after induction period. Reignite the reason to your people why the need to be the best on customer service every 3-6 months

Keep asking 'what more can we do?' and to get out and meet customers more

I think a lot of what we are doing is good, and we have to make sure we keep doing it as well as more engagment of the team into the design of how we deliver our service. Eric went through a list of actually common sense questions and when I have 5 mins I will go through these to develop our next stage of this strategy

Ian was excellent, as always

Absolutely excellent Chairmanship from Ian

Ian was great - considerate, funny and in control of an active group

Ian did an excellent job, even more so with the extra heads

Ian is clearly very experienced in chairing Supper Clubs which allowed the night to flow and encouraged conversation. Well done Ian

Iain was very good

Ian held it together well, involved people whilst lettiing the conversatIon flow

Ian handled the chair position very well with such a large attendance. Ian made sure that we covered topics until the table understood the answer and also made sure the conversation did not run stale

Ian did an excellent job

Eric is a 10 for me

Great stuff from Eric. Really had some thought provoking stuff

Eric always brings new ideas to the table and stimulates thought provoking conversations combined with practical tools to implement them

Eric was very strong and brought a lot of interesting tips and stories to the table. The tone was perfect - he contributed his expertise without dominating

Eric was brilliant, thoughtful & stimulating

Eric was fantastic and imparted his experience and knowledge in a very interesting way

The second time I have met Eric and he handled this topic with ease obviously been their and done it time and time again. He managed to keep answers very focused yet detailed enough. On the one or two questions that would take a much longer response he offered to speak after the event to cover the question in more detail and not too waste everyone's time. All in all he was a very good Speaker

Thought that Eric delivered all that was expected. Very Good

Eric was well prepared with useful material. Sometimes the speakers can talk at a level too high for relavance or can tell interesting stories about their experiences. This is nice, but Eric really succeeded for me as he walked through operational questions and examples to help any company think about what service means for them and how this could start to think about this in any business

Having not attended an event in quite a while I feel that I have never been away. Thanks for a fantastic night which I'm sure will be more frequent for me. Just what I needed!

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