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Social Networking For Business

9 February 2012
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Social networking is not new, we have all been involved in social networking in the past although may not fully realise it.  What is new are the tools we use that provide a much wider reach than we have previously enjoyed.  Traditional sales and marketing techniques:  cold calling, advertising, direct mail etc are delivering diminishing returns - people want to talk rather than be forced to listen, they want a relationship and they want you to help them make informed buying decisions.  Gordon talked about the role that social networking plays, engaging with your niche markets and ultimately raising brand awareness, building trust and generating leads.

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Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Edinburgh 28 Queen Street

0131 220 2044

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Murray Strachan, Strachan & Partners, www.murraystrachan.co.uk


  • Gordon White, fatBuzz Limited, www.fatBuzz.co.uk
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I thought the speaker was excellent and the meeting was very well chaired. Gordon came across as a clear expert in this area and he had clear opinions backed up with case studies and real life examples. Murray ensured the meeting moved forward and gave everyone the opportunity to engage in the discussion

Some great ideas, clear positioning of the issues and advantages

Great sharing of knowledge across the board and at varying levels of Social Media and the effect it is having on the business (and personal) world today and how this will grow in the future. Also good to meet various other business owners and share knowledge and experience

Value was obtained from meeting people from a range of experiences, back grounds and computer knowledge all giving their input in to such a vast topic subject

My key tips - 1) Social media is all about content; 2) The importance of understanding why I am using social media before heading down the wrong path 3) The importance of understanding my firms policy in this area both to protect myself and my employers brand

Key tips for me - use more video, have a bit of fun with it. Repurpose your content, keep looking for instances/environments to place it. Focus on creating great content

The event underlined my belief on how Social Media, in all it's guises, will redesign the business world going forward.

I consider my knowledge to be of a very high standard within Social networking and most of what was covered I new of, however there where a couple of key tips that I will implement as a result of the meeting. 1. Redistributing the content that I have already generated in a different format and on to different social media platforms. Change the content to technical description or overview of how a product/service works as different people want different information. They also look in different places to find information. 2. Forming a social media Policy and not just relying on the Standard Operating procedures that I have produced.

Murray was very enthusiastic in his role - gave everyone the chance to engage with the speaker and the topic

Murray kept it flowing and drew everyone in

Murray was funny, open, engaging and controlled the meeting extremely well and made sure everyone was involved and had their say

Murry was very good at keeping the topics flowing and not letting anyone spend too much time on one subject with very good summaries of the conclusion

Gordon was excellent - in a room of mixed experience in this area he expressed his opinions clearly and supported them with real life examples. He is clearly an expert in this area and was able to deal with all our questions and didn't sit on the fence

Lots of good sensible analysis from Gordon, and lots of creative input .....great examples. Absolutely solid understanding of the issues and context in which social media exists/thrives. Couldn't fault it. Lots of sense spoken in an area that can often be filled with hyperbole. Thank you

I have known Gordon for a long time now and still learn new things at each meeting. My company, Commsworld, engaged fatBuzz to help us with our Social Media Strategy and it has proven to be very important to us

Gordon, handled this talk with ease and made everyone feel comfortable with asking basic to advanced questions. This was needed due to this being such a vast topic and I would not disagree with anything that Gordon was saying regarding the current stance of Social Networking. Gordon was also very open with his responses and not over promoting his own company. I look forward to attending one of his breakfast mornings

More of the same please

I would like to see an advance social networking meeting for people that want to push the boundaries of social media and networking. I would like to see a white paper produced on the basics of Social Media covering brief reasons to be attached to certain networking sites also how to register and use such sites. I would think that every member of the Exchange could do with this document. Especially if you take what Gordon said seriously 'If you are not evolved with social media within your business within the next 5 years you will not have a business'" I am more than willing to help the Exchange to write such a paper and to give help to any member wanting to advance their understanding of social media also on the internet in general.

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