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Talent Management

15 November 2012
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People Issues

People are central to the success of any business.  While recruiting the right people is vital, how you manage them could determine whether your company thrives or struggles.

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Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa, Dundee 1 West Victoria Dock Road

01382 202 404

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Amanda Boyle, Bloom VC, www.bloomvc.info


  • Dr. Elaine Halley, Cherrybank Dental Spa, www.scotlanddentist.com
  • Andy Lothian, Insights Learning and Development, www.insights.com
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There was a really interesting and friendly bunch of people (must be the Dundee air). But it was also good to hear people from different businesses and industry share their issues, invariably the same ones came up in every company. Andy Lothian was really insightful, clearly this is 'his' topic and he imparted his knowledge it in a very engaging way.

The real experience of the delegates was valuable. I personally am inspired by the group, what they have all achieved and am impressed in the way they are prepared to share.

It was great having open discussion on each others business and experiences related to Talent Management

Simple phrases are always easy to take away: The art of strategy is deciding what not to do, People stay at companies that inspire and server them....and leave companies that don't.

It is all about talent and your advice network.

My key tip speak to members of our company at all different levels and become further 'engaged' with them

Inspire your team as they are more likely to stay with you

Amanda is so genuine

Amanda is so approachable and relaxed it gives for a great atmosphere

I loved Elaine's vision to create something unique and her honesty about the problems she worked to overcome in transferring a personally driven culture in a single site to a brand culture across multiple sites

Elaine was a very good speaker and I would want to hear more from Elaine in the future

Andy was very charismatic and engaging clearly knows his topic and used to imparting it to an audience.

Andy was a first class speaker with some great insights (pun intended). Loved the clarity of vision for talent and the aspiration to shared values by a workforce. Impressive

Andy was inspirational

Andy was dynamic and inspiring - always worth going to an event with Andy speaking as you always get something new from him

Thank you for the opportunity and I am enjoying being part of the Entrepreneurial Exchange. Looking forward to the next event

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