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How to Join

Benefits of Membership

Becoming a Leader of Entrepreneurial Scotland opens up a host of opportunities for growth-orientated business owners who can see the value of sharing the experience of growing a business with like-minded individuals .

Membership currently stands at some 400 entrepreneurs, all of whom own their own companies.

Joining Entrepreneurial Scotland means tapping into the vast pool of knowledge and experience contained within the current membership. Our renowned and popular events are the delivery mechanism for the greatest benefit we offer - a community of people with the same entrepreneurial spirit as you, who can share their knowledge and help you build a stronger more successful business.

Code of Conduct

Entrepreneurial Scotland is not a business development or selling network - it is a classic peer to peer learning network.  Members have agreed to follow a general code of conduct as follows:

1. COURTESY - I will be helpful to fellow members, particularly newer members and I will give notice when I cannot attend an event so that someone else can make use of the place.

2. SUPPORT - I will use Entrepreneurial Scotland to seek support and advice from fellow members on business issues and will try and respond to any specific requests for advice from fellow members.

3. SELLING - I agree to avoid soliciting or selling goods and services to fellow members unless invited to do so.

And I will hold fellow members accountable for abiding by these simple guidelines - I will intervene when necessary.

New developments

Please look for new developments on our social media pages - www.twitter.com.entrepscot and www.facebook.com/entrepreneurialscotland

Who can apply?

We aim to be inclusive but our membership does have a strict application and evaluation process. From time to time we may limit the number of members in any particular category so that the essential balance of membership is maintained.

If you think you are eligible for membership of Entrepreneurial Scotland, please look at membership details and costs before completing your online application form.

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