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02 May 2004
Sunday Times
Biotech's bald future (Prufrock)

To Gleneagles, where Scotland’s Entrepreneurial Exchange, a rag-tag gathering of millionaires and wannabe millionaires, has an annual highland gathering.

Sir Chris Evans, the irrepressible Welsh biotech millionaire, regaled the meeting with scientific marvels past and, possibly, future. The convergence of IT and biotech is the next big thing he said, and next century we will see human beings live to be 110. Showing a slide of a hairless green alien he explained how we are evolving aerodynamically. “We’ll have sunken eyes, our arms will touch the floor and our knees point backwards — it’s more efficient,” he said. “You’ll be lucky to have two to three ailments in a lifetime, not the hundreds we do now.”  
Evans said some people thought they recognised the alien in the picture. The bald head . . . the grey complexion . . . William Hague, surely?


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