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28 November 2004
Sunday Herald
Business Diary - Baxter reveals his recipe for success

Gordon Baxter, the 80-something former head of Scotland's most prestigious food group, stole the show at the Entrepreneurial Exchange dinner on Thursday night. 

As he was inducted into the Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame, he described how he and his brother Ian had put the stress on quality as they took the business from a turnover of 40,000 with 11 employees and built it into the 110 million, 1300 staff business that it is today.  His maxim:

'Quality counts, investment counts and change, change, change - that's what it's all about.'

It was the highlight of a packed 10th anniversary dinner, which included video contributions from Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Prince Charles and Sir Trevor McDonald.  (As Sean Connery said to the Diary the other day: 'Do stop name dropping.')

Bill Hazeldean, formerly of Macrae Food Group, who was named Entrepreneur of the Year had some novel advice for his younger colleagues in the Exchange.  Anyone looking for seed capital should take all they have and place a bet on his racehorse at 33-1 odds.  The Diary has withheld the name of the horse just in case anyone is mad enough to try it.     

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