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06 February 2005
Scotland on Sunday
Nimmo's name put to the sword

A reader contacted Barfly to offer an alternative view on Walter Nimmo, the man who is credited with having founded Inveresk Research, the drug testing company which bought was bought for 600m last year.  According to the source, Ian Sword, who was latterly Inveresk's chairman, carried out most of the initial hard work, while Nimmo (above) built the business up later through acquisitions.

'Whilst Walter Nimmo is a very bright and capable individual with many successes to his name, the founding and development of Inveresk in Scotland are not amongst them,' the source said.

As both Nimmo and Sword tend to shy away from the press, we are unlikely to get a straight answer on this one.

But Nimmo's citation for the Entrepreneurial Exchange's Entrepreneur of the Year in 2002 reads:

'In the 14 years since he founded Inveresk, chief executive Walter Nimmo has led the East Lothian- based group to be one of the world's leading research organisations.'

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