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Member Testimonials

Jen Munro - The International Summer School of Scotland

"Exposure to so many great business minds and the ability to contact them through Entrepreneurial Scotland allows you to ask advice or use the resource as a "yellow pages". I've used a number of members companies and would rather use members than look elsewhere."

Murray Strachan - Strachan and Partners Limited

"In so many ways! It's also not just the business but me as a person & entrepreneur!"

Anne-Marie Hamill - Escape Recruitment Services

"Having access to individuals who can give you advice and support, you are never alone, so, when negotiating with banks (new territory) or trying to get the best out of the team there are always ideas available through Entrepreneurial Scotland."

Gary McEwan - Enterprise North East Trust

"There's always room to learn and I particularly use the Focus Dinners to expand my understanding. I enjoy hearing how others tackle things in a way that I wouldn't have. Taking you out of your comfort zone is a major upside to membership."

Ian Murgitroyd - Murgitroyd Group PLC

"I always found Entrepreneurial Scotland helpful in widening my horizons but became disillusioned when it appeared to be dominated by a small cabal, however; I detect that in the last year that cabal has become less influential which to my mind is a healthy change."

Brian Williamson - Jumpstart

"I have learned two things: 1. I need to think bigger and I get that from almost every focus dinner I attend; and 2. High profile members are very generous with their time - a friend in need is a friend indeed"

Abigail Stevens - Think Global Recruitment

"Being able to share ideas & find out what did and didn't work. Learning from others mistakes. I've taken comfort knowing that when things haven't gone so well, that this happens to us all. Great support during the recent recession."

Cynthia Guthrie - Guthrie group Ltd

"I'm a fairly new member but have enjoyed and benefited from the events I have attended. I've received interest in potential business and have awarded business to fellow members. Already I have benefited from some great one to one business advice."

Iain Stewart - US Booking Services Ltd

"It has made the business think "bigger" and believe in its capabilities. It provides a regular injection of business adrenalin via the events and is a great opportunity to gain experience from others...especially the "been there and done it" crew."

Colin Rowley - Dron & Dickson Ltd

"It has raised my profile and hopefully that of my company. I have established a great network of mentors and advisors, all of whom appear to have a sense of day to day reality, irrespective of their own company size."

Jane Wylie-Roberts - Stafffinders

"Being part of Entrepreneurial Scotland has been incredibly important to me and my business. I've developed so much as a result of hearing speeches from amazing individuals. Attending events has also given me confidence to do things that were unknown to me before."

Colette Grant - Grant Management

"We've had huge help and support on how to run our business. Every single event whether 'supper club, dinner, evening with' or conference has had a unique and different way of looking at the same problem and if not already used, is stored until needed."

Judith Thorpe - Thorpe Molloy Recruitment Limited

"Attending the conference has provided me with an annual injection of inspiration and energy, and I have met some very interesting and inspiring people through membership of Entrepreneurial Scotland, thus expanding my network on a Scotland wide basis and beyond."

Jerry Alexander - Carnegie Building Services

"Some important one to one meetings for advice on specific projects - Encouragement and the feeling of not being alone in the process - Motivation - Help in formulating strategic planning and growth aspirations."

Jimmy Gilchrist - GP Plantscape

"Initially to give me good advice and access to people who were really taking their businesses places and inspired others. Lately it hasn't due to me not engaging as I have before."

June Friel - Glens

"By making me question myself on certain aspects of the business which I was already aware of needed reviewing, but with Entrepreneurial Scotland it just makes you move to improve."

Bob Keiller - Wood Group

"The tips on how to cope with the recession were valuable in helping me shape the attitudes of my management team - which worked out very well."

Tony Dumbreck - Innovate Foods Ltd

"I have gained friends who might have entirely different businesses but also have a shared set of experiences."

Les Meikle - Wise Property Care Ltd

"Entrepreneurial Scotland gives SME's an opportunity to understand that the issues facing them are also faced by others. It's a major confidence boost to mix with dynamic and positive people."

Elaine Halley - Cherrybank Dental Spa

"Definitely expanded my contacts in the growing business arena - people I would not have met otherwise ... where to turn for growth advice can be bewildering."

Jim Foley - Actionable Business

"I've been involved in a number of businesses since being introduced to Entrepreneurial Scotland. However, the biggest benefit is the inspiration and motivation that results from engaging with optimistic, positive and successful entrepreneurs throughout the year."

Tamlin Roberts - Mercurytide

"Every event I attend teaches me more about the way I do business and offers ways to improve. Hearing what other companies have achieved encourages me and when times are hard there have always been other members who have been willing to give their time."

Alex Watts - Kingsford Estates Ltd

"Access to those who have "seen and done it" is invaluable for learning, defining goals & strategy; generosity of advice is amazing. Making friends in a group with similar challenges is refreshing and differentiates Entrepreneurial Scotland from "networking groups"."

David Beal - The Beal Group Ltd

"Confirmation & reassurance that I am on the right track. In time, as confidence grows, would expect that there would be a greater benefit."

Brian Gallacher - Pacific Building Ltd

"I have been able to meet interesting people and shared views with them on business and on synergies between our businesses."

John Curran - Soilutions Ltd

"Through the sharing of experiences and problem solving. The discussion of business issues that face one and all."

Howden Skimming - Giles Insurance Brokers Ltd

"Understanding better the challenges faced by diverse businesses and recognising solutions from others experience."

Chris van der Kuyl - brightsolid

"In innumerable ways. It has developed my biggest and strongest network. The conference is always inspirational."

Richard Oliver - IQA Group

"I have found the events, most notably the Conference and Dinners very useful from an education perspective"

Kevin Shand - Simply Self Storage Ltd

"So far it has given me exposure to some different ideas and approaches to dealing with business issues."

Peter Grant - Grant Management

"Friends, Advice, Help"

Walter Miller - 360CRM

"Being exposed to the energy and experience of other members has been great."

Lynn Laughland - HRM Homecare Services Ltd

"I have met some interesting and helpful people generally. This has benefitted my business"

Callum Bastock - Consolidated Carriers Ltd

"By meeting like minded people, sharing experiences and knowing that I am not alone"

Ian Kerr - ID Inquiries Ltd

"Fantastic business knowledge gained and what is now a 'Virtual Board'"

Kevin Ashcroft - OCD

"Learning, Advice, Relationships"




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