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Free International Online Market Opportunity Report - tailored to your business

Lingo24: Foreign Language Internet Marketing Overview

Lingo24 is the genuine article when it comes to Foreign Language Internet Marketing. Our team of search marketing specialists has evolved organically as a result of 10 years' work on Lingo24's very own internet activity. From learning how to geo-target websites for specific countries to developing localised SEO content, we have cut our teeth on everything related to success in country search engine results. And the result has been a strong online ROI (£3.2M growth in 5 years from online activity), one of the main factors driving Lingo24's rise in prominence in the translation market.
Now we are offering our clients the benefits of our knowledge and experience. Bolstered with the additional expertise of new team members, Lingo24 is focussed on achieving the same online success for clients in new country markets.
Entex: Exclusive Offer of a Search Opportunity report
Lingo24 is offering Entex members an opportunity to review a sample of the search engine demand that exists for their businesses online in International markets. This will be free of charge and will provide members with information that will help them to identify opportunities in new markets for promoting their business online.

As part of the offer, we will carry out the following:-

1. In-country Keyword Research

We will carry out keyword research for your business in a country selected by the member. We will take the top 20 non-brand keywords in English and localize, researching the search volumes and keywords used in a target country.

• Review keywords (maximum of 20) relating to your business in a target language and country.
• Top keywords in a specific language will be identified for the member.
• Keyword research will show the visitor traffic in the Google country search engine (i.e. Google.FR for France).

2. International Search Demand Analysis

We will ask members to select 2 continents that are considered as priorities for future International growth. We will then analyse the search engine demand for 20 non-brand keywords in these continents. This analysis will identify (A) the demand for the member’s business and (B) the cost for advertising in Google search across the 2 continents. Even if you don’t use Google advertising, the analysis of the cost gives a clear picture of the competition that exists for search engine real estate in specific countries.


• Search demand analysis – We will look at the search demand that exists for 20 of your keywords in countries across 2 continents.
• Breakdown of traffic and cost for advertising in Google in countries across 2 continents.

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