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The Entrepreneurial Exchange

Peter Grant


Managing Director, Grant Management

What inspires me are those who have done it and those who can teach me how to do it.  I have found both in the Entrepreneurial Exchange, in abundance..

The Day Job...

Peter founded Grant Management (GM), in 1997. GM helps people invest in Residential property, by sourcing, renovating, furnishing and managing property as a "one stop shop" solution.

The company has roughly doubled in size each year, primarily through client referrals. It now has a FT staff of 110, and some 1,300 properties under management. It currently buys and renovates over 500 properties per annum. Clients range from private individuals with just one flat, to hi wealth clients with a property portfolio. GM is now expanding to a total of 26 locations throughout the UK. The aim is to become an integrated "Asset Management" business, for Residential Property, across the UK. This has become particularly relevant with the advent of REITS, from 2007.

In Jan 2006 Peter formed a £100m JV Fund with Bank Of Scotland. BOS took a 20% stake in GM. In Feb 2007, Sir Tom Hunter set up a second £100m fund, and took a 5% stake in GM.

Putting something back...

Peter has recently set up two businesses which aim to put something back.

a. http://www.globaltrees.co.uk/ was set up in late 2006, as a not for profit business, currently converting to charity status. Global Trees aims to help reverse global warming, by raising money and planting trees. Trees act as the lungs of the world, breathing in CO2 and breathing out Oxygen.

Global trees allows individuals and companies to learn the facts about Global Warming. You can calculate your carbon footprint through the web site and go Neutral by planting trees. Grant Management went carbon Neutral in December 2006. This was both as a company, and also on the properties it manages, on behalf of its investors and tenants.

b. http://www.gostartabusiness.com/ is a web based business which aims to both encourage and help companies start up.  In many ways it emulates the strengths of the Entrepreneurial Exchange, and avoiding the often negative experiences of dealing with Government Agencies. It will aim to help budding entrepreneurs, by harness the experiences, enthusiasm and energy of those who have been there! It aims to launch in May / June 2007, as a business version. A schools and professional version will follow later.

What comes to the party...

Enthusiasm and Ideas (beware).

Practical help for companies wanting to go Carbon Neutral

A real interest in helping start ups.

Personal interests include skiing, sailing and golf. (Blue is the boat).

Registered in Scotland. Company registration number SC 160976.
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