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Role Models

Scotland is blessed with many entrepreneurial role models - some well known and others quietly creating great businesses away from the limelight.  Entrepreneurial Scotland has highlighted the achievements of Scotland's entrepreneurial role models throught the Entrepreneur of the year Awards and establishing Entrepreneurial Scotland Hall of Fame.

Entrepreneurial Scotland Entrepreneur of the Year Awards History

The Entrepreneurial Scotland awards were created as a high profile platform to celebrate entrepreneurship, to highlight the achievements of successful entrepreneurs in Scotland and to raise the profile of our nation's ambtitious entrepreneurs and the vital role they play in developing a modern and successful Scotland.

The competitive Entrepreneur of the Year Awards are presented in two categories - Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year.

Since its inception,  we have presented awards to many of Scotland's most successful business builders and have shown that there is no shortage of ambition and ability to grow businesses of substance and scale.

Entrepreneurial Scotland Hall of Fame

In the early years of our Entrepreneur of the Year awards we were regularly presented with a number of extremely successful entrepreneurs in Scotland who had made a huge contribution to Scottish life but who did not quite fit the awards criteria in any particular year.

In 2002 to allow us to recognise exceptional people like these we established Entrepreneurial Scotland Hall of Fame, modelled on the prestigious Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs at Babson College. To marked the launch of the Hall of Fame we inducted Sir Moir Lockhead, Donald Macdonald and Sir Ian Wood. To those names we added all past winners of The Entrepreneur of The Year Award and all recipients of Entrepreneurial Scotland Exceptional Achievement Award.

Every year, between two and four successful entrepreneurs are inducted into Entrepreneurial Scotland Hall of Fame and each receives a special version of Entrepreneurial Scotland Award, cast in bronze and set in Scottish stone as well as having a portrait commissioned.

In 2006, to mark the first ten years of Entrepreneurial Scotland, we published our first book Entrepreneurial Scotland - Portraits of Inspiration which featured portraits and profiles of the inductees up to 2005.

 Details of our Hall of Fame members can now be viewed in our online interactive book




Taken together the list of Entrepreneur of the Year winners and Hall of Fame inductees is a truly inspirational group of individuals and demonstrates just what can be achieved in Scotland by people with vision, passion and hard work.


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