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Entrepreneurial Scotland - Portraits of Inspiration

Portraits of inspiration

Stunning photographic portraits complemented by dramatic and inspirational stories, illustrating the diversity of skills, talent, beliefs and philosophies which motivate some of Scotland's leading wealth creators.

The front-cover of the Portraits of Inspiration book

Though the term entrepreneurial may have its origins in the French language, it is a concept which the Scots have embraced with passion and vigour for generations. For a comparatively small nation perched on the western edge of Europe, Scotland has produced more than its share of merchants, traders and wealth creators who have left an indelible imprint on the country.

The enterprising Scots were fired up by a strong competitive instinct and a powerful will to succeed – and Entrepreneurial Scotland was created in 1994 to nurture this spirit and encourage greater success.

The Scottish entrepreneurial template was set by men such as Andrew Carnegie, born in poverty in Dunfermline and educated in a local school, but with an unquenchable ambition to make his mark on the world. And, having become one of the world’s richest men, he gave away most of his fortune to good causes, which still benefit many today, almost 90 years after his death.

The modern entrepreneurs of Scotland share many of the characteristics of their illustrious predecessor, and there is now a growing belief that the pursuit of wealth cannot be an end in itself. What matters is the desire to make a difference and to share this success with those less fortunate.

To celebrate our first 10 years as the organisation "for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs", we published Entrepreneurial Scotland - Portraits of Inspiration in 2006.  With stunning photographic portraits by broad daylight to complement them, the stories in this book – by turns dramatic and inspirational – illustrate the diversity of skills, talents, beliefs and philosophies which motivate Scotland’s leading wealth creators. They have all played a part in making Scotland a more confident and vibrant modern nation taking its place in the global economy.

If there is a common thread, it is the unwillingness to be complacent. The entrepreneurs in this book and our subsequent Hall of Fame inductees continue to work for the success of Scotland.



Published in 2006, you can still order this superb hardback book with its unique account of Entrepreneurial Scotland and the people who make it so, by calling Entrepreneurial Scotland office on 0141 444 7159.

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