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Alan and Robert Wiseman 2008

Alan and Robert WisemanFounded in 1947, this family business delivered a basic staple to families from the back of a horse and cart.

With technological innovation and investment throughout the years, the company grew in stature and size.

And after being handed control, the two brothers set about gradually building the business through a series of acquisitions in the 70s and ‘80s foreseeing tremendous potential to supply milk to corner shops and supermarkets.

By 1988 they had opened a purpose built dairy in Motherwell Food Park to service supermarket supplies and quickly gained contracts for many larger multiple retailers. Determined to expand the business and repeat their success in Scotland, it was agreed to establish a production base in the North of England.

To raise the capital the company successfully floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1994, allowing the construction of the then new Manchester dairy and the acquisition of Kennerty Farm Dairies on the East Coast of Scotland.

Further growth was achieved organically along with further acquisitions such as the Co-op liquid milk business, Hamilton Dairies and Scottish Pride including the Fresh n Low brand. With Manchester operating at capacity within four years, a further site was opened west of Birmingham and with a capacity of 500 million litres per annum it is believed to be the largest fresh liquid milk dairy in the world.

New sites continue to be built, using green business principles, and sales in England now account for more that 66% of company sales.


Registered in Scotland. Company registration number SC483869.
Registered office: 13 Queen's Road, Aberdeen, AB15 4YL. Developed by Mercurytide