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Maitland Mackie

BSc Agri, MA Hons Econ, FRAgS, DBA, LLD, CBE

Maitland graduated BSc Agri from Aberdeen University in 1958 and MA Hons Econ 1971. In 1996, he was awarded an Honorary Degree (LLD). Dr Mackie is chairman of Mackie's of Scotland, a family-owned business, farming 1600 acres arable and dairying, with an ice cream dairy whose product is the market leader in Scotland. Maitland now basks in the reflected glory of the next generation who now run the business. The business recently expanded into crisp manufacture through a joint venture with a similar family agri business, Taylors of Taypack, near Dundee. As a vice-president of NFU Scotland, he helped to move the organisation from a purely political role towards market-orientated self-help policies. Dr Mackie was also the architect and implementer of the farm assurance movement in Scotland.

Dr Mackie founded the Scottish Pig Industry Initiative for the development ofthe Scottish ppig meat sector which was noted for its pioneering of the concept of industry self-disciplining to best practice under farm assurance inspection scheme. He received the David Black Award in 1991 for his pig industry work. He steered the development of a Farm Assurance (best practice manual) for all Scottish farming.

Dr Mackie is a former member of the Agriculture Food Research Council, chairing its 'Food' and 'Animal' committees, and was also member of the Priorities Board for Research in Agriculture. A former Governor of both the Rowett Research Institute and the Macauley Research Institute, he is also a former chairman of Grampian Enterprise Ltd, a former chairman of the Scottish Agricultural College and a former member of the Meat and Livestock Commission Research Committee. He is currently a board member of the Scottish Traditional Skills Training Centre and also describes himself as a missionary for developing local rural ownership of the renewable energy  potential of the rural sector.

He is a member of Aberdeen University Court and chairs its HR Committee.

As a Boy Scout, he is never without his Leatherman (except when removed by airport security staff). His current objective is to save the world for the next generation - and to be the best ever grandfather.

Registered in Scotland. Company registration number SC483869.
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