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Richard Tait 2006

Richard Tait

Born in Helensburgh, Richard Tait attended Heriot-Watt University but wanted to go into business. They said he was too young to do an MBA in Scotland so he went to Dartmouth in the United States instead and became one of Microsoft's first employees. 

Moving to Seattle, he worked with the company for nearly twenty years, generating many ideas on how people interact with their computers.  He wanted to make life more connected and much more fun. His vision was recognised and he became Microsoft's Employee of the Year. 

Then, in the mid 1990s, he decided he wanted to create his own games company.  Cranium is now one of the world's most popular board games and Richard is the inspirational "Grand Poo-Bah".

Registered in Scotland. Company registration number SC483869.
Registered office: 13 Queen's Road, Aberdeen, AB15 4YL. Developed by Mercurytide