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Sir Bill Gammell 2005

Bill GammellBill Gammell had a lot to live up to.  He was the son of Jimmy Gammell, one of Charlotte Square's most illustrious investors.  But his energy exploration company, Cairn Energy, has exceeded all expectations, especially after recent oil discoveries in Rajasthan in India. The recent flotation of Cairn India is one of the biggest in the sub-continent.

Bill, a former Scotland rugby cap, has always maintained a contrarian view of the world which has given him the edge - but he believes the key to success is teamwork and encouraging people to get things done.  He now supports a number of charitable projects, including the Scottish Institute of Sport Foundation.

Registered in Scotland. Company registration number SC483869.
Registered office: 13 Queen's Road, Aberdeen, AB15 4YL. Developed by Mercurytide